After School Program Info

The Rancho Park Golf Academy After School Program is a daily (Monday-Friday) two-hour program designed to give your junior golfer ongoing structured golf practice during the school year through drills, games, and course play. Our teaching methods and games are guaranteed to draw out your child’s individual strengths and build confidence as a golfer.


Benefits and Features

  • A motivating atmosphere with educational training methods
  • Professional equipments, safe and secure environment
  • 7 students : 1 coach ratio, experienced coaches
  • Learn fundamentals of the golf swing and course management
  • Improve: Individual strengths, power, flexibility, and balance
  • Build confidence via achievements and friendship 


We are open on every school day through the year.

4-16 years old

Daily schedule
Monday - Friday
3:30PM - 5:30PM (2 Hours/day)

Weekly Golf Topics 
Monday: Full Swing, Sand Trap, Putting, Chipping, Pitching
Tuesday: Full Swing, Sand Trap, Putting, Chipping, Pitching
Wednesday: Full Swing, Sand Trap, Putting, Chipping, Pitching
Thursday: Full Swing, Sand Trap, Putting, Chipping, Pitching
Friday: Course Management, Strategy, and Open Course Play


Rancho Park Golf Course par 3 and driving range 


Day Rate

Monday-Thursday: $90 (includes range ball bucket fee)

Friday: $79 (students play the Par 3 course, so no range ball buckets are necessary)

Monthly Rate
Students can select individual days and which area of golf they’d like to focus on.

* Students can start the program in any week of the month. When you make your first payment, your subsequent monthly payments will be automatic until you choose to cancel or change your after school program subscription.


1 day/week: $265/month + $8 Medium Ball Bucket Daily= $301

                        Fridays (no ball bucket): $265

2 days/week: $485/month + $8 Medium Ball Bucket Daily= $557

                        With Fridays (no ball bucket): $521

3 days/week: $665/month + $8 Medium Ball Bucket Daily= $773

                        With Fridays (no ball bucket): $737

Monthly Pass: $1,005/month (Up to 5 days/week) + $8 Medium Ball Bucket Daily= $1185

                     With Fridays (no ball bucket): $1149

1 day/week: $265/month + $11 Large Ball Bucket Daily= $314.50

                        Fridays (no ball bucket): $265
2 days/week: $485/month + $11 Large Ball Bucket Daily= $584

                        With Fridays (no ball bucket): $534.50
3 days/week: $665/month + $11 Large Ball Bucket Daily= $813.50

                        With Fridays (no ball bucket): $764
Monthly Pass: $1,005/month (Up to 5 days/week) + $11 Large Ball Bucket Daily= $1252.50

                     With Fridays (no ball bucket): $1203